Welcome to Selfie2014.com

Selfie2014.com is a one year project. The premise is pretty simple, post a selfie (via e mail) every day for a year.  Personally, I don’t understand the obsession with selfies and don’t see myself as a poster of them. Millions of people, including my kids think nothing of it. But for me, this will take me out of my comfort zone.

At the outset, I have several questions.  Will posting everyday make me less self-conscious about selfies?  Will I get bored or distracted and drop it?  Will the pictures become too contrived – or can selfies be too contrived?

When I told my son Billy about this, he said something along the lines of “Have you heard of Instagram? Or Facebook? That’s all they are!” He may be right, but it’s just not the same, is it?

I would like company in this project, since I think it will make it more interesting and fun, so if you would like to participate e mail me at david@perlmutterproperties.com, and I’ll send you the e mail address and instructions for posting.